Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Step 3: Compose Revisit Autoresponder Email

This screen is the third step when creating a new Site Revisit Autoresponder.

1.  Select how many minutes after the site visit occurs that the email should be sent to the recipient in the Send Email drop-down. Drop-down options include:

    15 minutes

    30 minutes

    60 minutes

    120 minutes

2.  Enter the Email subject in the Subject textbox.

3.  Enter the Day the Email will go out. The number you enter in the Day field is the number of days after the prospect is added to the Category or Campaign.

4.  Select Yes or No from the drop-down.

    Active = No sets the Email to not send

    Active = Yes sets the Email to send

5.  Enter and format the Email content in the HTML Editor window.

6.  Click the Save button to save the Email message and return to the Site Revisit Autoresponders screen.