Table of Contents - Admin

Basic System Set Up

Admin Profile


Admin System Countries

Admin System Settings


Suggestions for Category Creation

Admin Manage Categories

Admin Add Category

Admin Edit Category


Admin View Follow Up Emails and Phone Scripts

Admin Add Follow Up Email

Admin Add Phone Script

Admin Edit Follow Up Email

Admin Edit Phone Script


Admin Custom Fields

Admin Add a Custom Field

Admin Edit a Custom Field


Admin View Banner Ads

Admin Add Banner Ad

Admin Edit Banner Ad


Admin Live Chat Settings

Admin Manage Lead Vendors


Admin View Email Templates

Admin Add Email Template

Admin Edit Email Template


Admin Manage Qualifying Questions

Admin Add Qualifying Question

Admin Edit Qualifying Question


Admin Update Sign Up Email Content

Admin Updatable ReOptin Email

Admin Updatable System Notification Email Content

Admin Updatable Upgrade Package Email Content

Video Manager

Admin Video Manager

Admin Add a Video to the Video Manager

Manage Training Center

Admin Manage Resource Center Pages

Admin Add Training (Resource Center) Page

Admin Sort Training Page Links

Admin Update Marketing Tools Page

Communicating with Members

Admin Calendar


Admin to Member Text Message Broadcasts

Create Admin to Member Text Message Broadcast


Admin View Broadcast Emails

Admin Create Broadcast Email - Select Recipients

Admin Edit Broadcast Email - Select Recipients

Admin Create/Edit Broadcast Email - Schedule Message Send


Admin Update Conference Call Schedule


Admin View Home Page Announcements

Admin Add Home Page Announcements

Admin Edit Home Page Announcements


Admin Update Pop Up Announcement


How Do I Create an Admin to Member Training Autoresponder?

Admin Training Autoresponders

Admin Training Autoresponders - Manage Email Messages

Admin Training Autoresponder - Create New Campaign

Admin Training Autoresponder - Edit Campaign

Admin Training Autoresponders - Email Message Content

Autoresponder Email Campaigns

Admin Autoresponder Campaign - Add Message

Admin Autoresponder Campaign - Edit Category

Admin Autoresponder Campaign - Edit Message

Admin Autoresponder Campaign - View Messages

Admin Autoresponder Campaigns

Admin Autoresponder - New Autoresponder Campaign

Admin New Autoresponder Campaign - Select Category


How Do I Create a Site Revisit Autoresponder?

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Choose Category

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Choose Site

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Edit Category

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Edit Content

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Edit Site

Admin Revisit Autoresponder - Enter Content

Admin Revisit Autoresponders

Custom Web Forms

Admin Create Custom Web Form Fields

Admin Create Custom Web Form Preview and Get HTML

Admin Create Custom Web Form Rotation

Admin Custom Web Form Get HTML

Admin Custom Web Form Rotation Report

Admin Custom Web Forms

Manage Site

Admin Manage Site Content

Admin Manage Site Settings


Admin Sales Activity Report


Admin Web Form Statistics

Admin PDF Download Statistics


Admin Team Reports


Admin Email Delivery Report

Admin Email SPAM Percent Report