Every time you sign in, you are greeted by new and very cool information to help you and your navigation options. Here are seven key areas on your home page you should know about:

    There are super handy links to return to this home page, as well as Help, Contact Us, and Log Out at the top of the page.

    iTeleCenter is your personal virtual private phone system. This is the best number to publish on the internet, a Premier tool!

    User Settings gives you access to your various user settings, like your email profile, merged info and notifications.

    Today’s Calendar gives you today’s schedule at a glance. Click Go To My Calendar to access the full calendar.

    Announcements keep you up to speed with any system updates, upgrades, and news.

    Help & Training has all the tips and tricks you need to help you get the most out of the system.

    Recent Activity tells you exactly what your contacts are doing, enabling you to focus on your hottest prospects! The following Activities will be tracked:

    Web Form Submissions

    Returning Site Visits

    Live Chats

    Autoresponder Emails Opened

    Follow Up Emails Opened

    Broadcast Emails Opened

    Autoresponder Emails Clicked Through

    Follow Up Emails Clicked Through (Clicked Through means the recipient clicked a link in the email)

    Broadcast Emails Clicked Through

    PDFs Downloaded (if your website has downloadable PDFs)

    Videos Viewed

Click the Name link in an Activity table to go to the Contact Details page for that contact. The Activity table on the Contact Details page displays actions taken by your contacts plus actions performed by the system for that contact.


How Do I Navigate in the Member Back Office?

The main menu has the following options:

    Click the My Contacts option to go to the Search Contacts screen where you can:

    Search for contacts

    Save searches (you can use the saved search group to send email broadcasts)

    View contacts by category

    Export contact information

    Print mailing labels for contacts

    Print contact information

    Access contact records

    Access advanced contact tools

    Manually add or import contacts

    Add or manage contact category folders

    Create or manage custom contact fields

    Click the Generate Prospects option to:

    Get quick links to your lead capture pages and About Me page

    Get banner ads to place on the internet to drive prospects to your personal website

    Manually add contacts

    Import contacts

    Click the Sales Tools option to:

    Send an email broadcast

    Open the live chat console

    Go to your video manager

    Configure your landing pages and About Me page (Note, this is where you can activate live chat and upload your personal photo for your About Me page)

    Access your website traffic reports

    Review pre-written autoresponder emails and create your own autoresponder emails

    Create your own web forms to place on external websites

    Create your own follow up emails and phone scripts

NOTE: The Follow-Up Emails and Phone Scripts that you create will be available to you on the Contact Details page (in addition to any Follow-Up Email and Phone Scripts that have been prewritten for your use).

    Click the Training option to access helpful training topics.

    Click the Affiliate Program button to view your commissions, update your commission info and manage and learn how to promote your Affiliate Site!