View Prewritten Campaign

Clicking the Campaign Name link on the Autoresponder Email Campaigns screen brings you to the View Prewritten Campaign screen for that campaign.

On the View Prewritten Campaign screen, click the Add New Message link at the top of the screen to go to the Manage Autoresponder Message - Add Message screen where you can enter and save a new Email message for the campaign.

The Campaign Email Messages are displayed in a table with the day the email is scheduled to send and links to preview, edit or delete the message.

    Click the Email Message Preview link to open a pop-up with the email content.

    Click the Email Message Delete link to delete the email message from the Campaign.

    Clicking the Edit link for an email message opens the Manage Autoresponder Message - Edit Message screen where you can update the email message details and save your updates.

NOTE: An Email must be set to "Active" or it will not send.