Quick Add

Click Generate Prospects on the main menu and then click the Add Multiple Contacts (Quick Add) link.

Use this screen to manually add multiple contacts to your contact manager. NOTE: This functionality is not meant to be used to import leads into the system.

To add Contacts:

1.  Check the "I confirm that this person is someone I have an existing relationship with. I will not add purchased leads unless the lead has given me verbal permission to be contacted via email." checkbox at the top of the page.

2.  Enter the Contacts' information.

3.  Select the Category you want to add each Contact to from Select Category the drop-down.

4.  Select Yes or No under the "This Contact will automatically receive a series of Email messages from the contact category above. Do you want this contact to receive these auto-responder Email campaign messages?" question.

5.  Click the Save button to save your contacts.