My Lead Capture Pages

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Click Sales Tools on the main menu and then click the Manage My Site link. On he My Website screen, click the View My Lead Capture Pages link.

This My Lead Capture Pages screen has a table with information about your Lead Capture pages and action links:

    The column on the far left displays a thumbnail image of Landing Page

    The Lead Capture Page Info Column contains

    The lead capture page URL with your site name. Note, you can copy and paste this direct link.

    The Lead Capture Page Name.

    The Lead Capture Description.

    The Action column has the following action links:

    Click the Configure Lead Capture Page link to configure the page for your marketing purposes.

    Click the Get Advertisements and Flyers link to get ads and flyers for the Lead Capture page.

    Click Preview Lead Capture Page link to see the Lead Capture page.