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Click Sales Tools on the main menu and then click the Manage My Site link to go to the My Website screen where you can navigate to personalize your Lead Capture Pages and your About Me Page for your marketing purposes.

Your iBoostBiz system comes with many lead capture pages that you can use to generate qualified prospects for your business. Each lead capture page has its own domain name. You get to create a website address that will follow the forward slash (/) after each of the domain names.

For example, What you enter in the Site Name textbox will replace ‘YourSiteName’ in the example.

1.  Update your site name in the Site Name textbox.

2.  Click the Save Site Name button to save your update.

NOTE: The site name you choose will be used for all of the lead capture pages, as well as for your About Me page. You also have the option to register your own domain name(s) and forward them to your lead capture pages.

Moving down the My Website screen, there are links for the site elements you can update.

    Click the View My Lead Capture Pages link to view and manage your Lead Capture Pages.

    Click the Configure My About Me Page link to view and update the content on your About Me Page.

    Click the Review My Website Traffic and Video Viewing Statistics link to view your Website Traffic and Video Viewing Statistics.

    Click the My Custom Web Forms link to create unique Web Forms that can be placed on 3rd party sites to generate leads that will be automatically be loaded into your Contact Manager in the category you choose for the web form.