iBoostBiz Affiliate Site Settings

Click the Affiliate Program button on the main menu to go to the Affiliate Program page, and then click the Configure Your Affiliate Site link to go to the My Affiliate Site page.

As an iBoostBiz Affiliate, you get an iBoostBiz.com Affiliate Promo Site which you can use to sponsor others who want to join iBoostBiz. You will automatically be assigned as the sponsor when people sign up for iBoostBiz on your main Affiliate Site.

When you first sign up to be an Affiliate, by default, your iBoostBiz.com web site name is your iBoostBiz Affiliate ID.

    You can update your web site name to something easier for you to remember in the http://www.iboostbiz.com/ textbox.

Your iBoostBiz.com Affiliate Site has an optional landing page that can be used to capture information from the prospects visiting your site (you can turn the landing page off if you don’t want prospects to have to submit a web form before entering your main Affiliate site).

    To turn the landing page for the site ON, check the Display landing page to your visitors checkbox and click the Save Landing Page Setting button. When the checkbox is CHECKED, your visitors will be required to fill out a short form before proceeding to your promo site.

    An UNCHECKED box sends your visitors directly to your promo site, bypassing the landing page.

NOTE: If your landing page is turned on and you wish to send your warm market prospects directly to your iBoostBiz site, the page displays a direct URL you can copy and paste. Prospects that go to this URL will bypass the landing page and go directly to your main iBoostBiz.com site.

Your name automatically displays on your Affiliate website.

    You can update your display name in the Affiliate Site Merge Full Name textbox.

    Check the Display my phone number and Email checkbox to also display your phone number and Email address on your Affiliate site. You can update your phone number and Email address in the textboxes provided.

Click the Save button to save your settings and updates.