How Do I Send a Follow Up Email with a Video?

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1.  On the Contact Details screen, click the Send Email link.

2.  On the Create Your Email screen, select the video you want to insert from the Insert Video drop-down. A new browser window or tab will open with options for the video.

3.  There are three options to insert the video into your Email.

    Select the Default Frame button if you want the video’s default frame to appear in the video player window (before the video is played), and then click the Insert button.

    Select the Custom Picture Frame button to have a custom picture appear in the video player window. Click the Browse button to find the picture for the custom frame on your local computer. Click the Upload button to upload that picture. Select the picture you just uploaded in the Select an Image drop-down and click the Insert button.

    Select the Insert Link button to insert a video link in the Email (instead of inserting a player), and then click the Insert button.

4.  When you click the Insert button, the insert video window or tab closes and you can finish the steps for sending your follow-up email.