How Can I Use Ad Tracker To Track Return on Investment (ROI) for Advertising?

You can save tons of money on advertising by tracking your return on investment for your ads using the system’s Ad Tracker feature. This tool allows you to see exactly what the response is for certain ads and to adjust your advertising dollars accordingly.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell. Bob wants to track which specific ads are bringing visitors to his personal site, so he simply adds different ad tracker code at the end of his website URL in each ad and/or promotion he is running.

For example, he adds one ad tracker code webad, the second ad tracker code webad2, and a third ad tracker code magazinead.

The Ad Tracker Code will appear in the General Contact Information section on the Contact Details page for contacts who submit web forms on sites that they navigated to using the URL with the ad tracker code.

By assigning each of his ads an ad tracker code, Bob will now be able to use the Advanced Search function on the Manage Contact page to search for all contacts with a particular ad code. The search results will show all contacts in the system with that ad code.

If Bob saves his ad code search parameters, he can then check his ad code contacts with one click. To save the search, enter a name in the Save this search as textbox before performing the search. A link will appear in the Saved Searches list. You can then click that link to perform the ad code search with one click.