Custom Web Forms

You can create Custom Web Forms to place on 3rd party sites to generate leads that will be automatically be loaded into your Contact Manager in the category you choose for the web form.

Click Sales Tools on the main menu and then click the Create Custom Web Forms link.

The Custom Web Forms screen has a table with the Custom Web Forms you have created. Table columns include:

    Web Form Name - displays the name you entered for the web form when you created it.

    Get HTML/HTML5 (hyperlinks) - Click the Get HTML link for the form you want to place on an external site and you will go to the Get HTML Code for Custom Web Form screen.

NOTE: If the HTML code does not work, then you can try using the HTML5 code instead. Please note, not all browsers support HTML5.

    Click the Get HTML5 link on the Custom Web Forms page to get the HTML5 code.

We recommend always using HTML code instead of HTML5 (where possible).

If you are having issues using an external plug-in or tool to publish your custom web form, contact the Support staff for that external plug-in or tool for assistance.

    Delete (hyperlinks) - Click the Delete link for the form you want to delete.

To create a new web form, click the Create New Web Form link and you will go to the Create New Web Form screen.