Contact Details

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The Contact Details screen has menu options at the top of the screen.

    Click the Schedule Call button to schedule a call with this contact. You can even set up an Appointment Reminder Email to be sent to you 2, 3 or 4 hours before the appointment.

    Click the Send Email button to send a follow up email to this contact.

     Click the Call Contact button to call a contact using the phone scripts made available for your reference. You can also log notes about your call in this window.

    Click the Delete Contact button to delete this contact.

The Contact Details screen has tabs for easy navigation:

    The Contact Details Tab has the following sections:

    General Contact Information Section - In this section you can:

      Export Contact Info to Word, PDF or CSV.

    Update the name, email, phone, mailing address and source information for the contact.

    Export the Contact to Microsoft Outlook.

     Unsubscribe the Contact so he/she will not be sent any more emails from the system.

     See the Contact's Email Status:

    Temporary Bounce: A temporary bounce occurs an email cannot be delivered but the system will try to send it again.

    Permanent Bounce: A permanent bounce occurs when an email cannot be successfully delivered.

    Unsubscribed: When the Contact has unsubscribed from an email.

    Unsubscribed Due to Inactivity: When the Contact has not responded to the SPAM Trap Avoidance Re-Opt In Email.

    Email Marked as SPAM: When the Contact has marked an email as SPAM.

     Restricted: Imported Contacts are set to Restricted Status. Contacts with Restricted Status can only be sent Follow-Up Emails. Email Broadcasts and Autoresponders are not sent to Contacts with Restricted Status. Once your imported contact opts in to receive emails from you, his/her email status will update to be Confirmed Status.

    Confirmed: Contacts who come in via your lead capture web form and Contacts who you manually enter are automatically set to Confirmed Status.

    Invalid Email Address: When the Contact's email address is not valid.

    See the AdTracker value for the Contact (if any).

    Custom Fields Section (if you have custom fields created).

    The Contact Activity Tab has:

    Log a Call Button: Click this button to call a contact using the phone scripts made available for your reference. You can also log notes about your call in this window.

    Search Contact Activity Section:

     You can filter the time frame for  information that appears in the Activity table using the Dates to Show drop-down.

     You can filter the information that appears in the Activity table using the Types to Show checkboxes.

    Call Logs

    Web Form Submissions

     Site Revisits

     Live Chats

     Autoresponder Emails

     Follow Up Emails

     Broadcast Emails

     PDFs Downloaded

     Videos Viewed

     iCallBlazer Call Details and Call Recordings (if your system has iCallBlazer and you set iCallBlazer to record the calls in your session)

     iTeleCenter Call Activity (if you have iTeleCenter)

     Email Status Change

Activities tracked for emails include: emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked through (when a link in an email is clicked), emails marked as SPAM, emails that were unsubscribed from and emails that bounce.

    Search Training Activity Section: If your company has set up Training Completion Step Links on the Training Center Pages, you can track the training steps completed by your people.

Click here to download the guide to learn how to track training completion steps for your people.

    The Contact Interest Tab has:

    Category assigned to the Contact - You can update the category assignment here.

NOTE: As contacts are taken through your prospecting method, they will need to move through various categories. When a contact is ready to move to another category, simply select the appropriate new category from the choices available.

Some categories are associated with an email campaign or campaigns (as noted by the email symbol that displays next to the category. If you choose to move the contact to a new category, the contact will begin receiving the email campaign(s) associated with the new category and will stop receiving the email campaign(s) associated with the old category.

    Qualifying Question fields - if Qualifying Questions have been entered by your system Admin.

    Website visit information - You can review the details of site visits here.

    The Email Campaigns Tab has:

    Functionality for you to update the email campaigns assigned to the contact.

    A table with the information on the Autoresponder emails sent to the contact.

    You can see the latest email from the campaign sent to the contact in the table.

    There are action options in the Autoresponder Emails table.

     Click the Stop Campaign link if you want to stop the campaign from sending any more emails.

    Click the Send All Emails link to send all the emails in the campaign to the contact at the same time.

Note, your Contact may be upset if he receives all the emails from the autoresponder campaign at once, so only click this option if your Contact has requested to get all the emails at the same time.

    Click the Reset to 1st Message link to start sending the email campaign from the beginning.