How Do I Create an Admin to Member Training Autoresponder?

You can create Training Autoresponders which will be sent to Members based on when the Member signed up for the system.

To can create a Training Autoresponder Email Campaign:

1.  Click the Training Autoresponders option on the Resource Center drop-down on the main menu.

2.  Click the Create a New Training Campaign link on the Training Autoresponder Campaigns screen.

3.  On the New Training Autoresponder Campaign screen, enter the Campaign Name and click the Save button.

Note: Don’t check the Active checkbox until you have completed the campaign and are ready for it to start sending.

4.  Your newly created Campaign will now display in the Campaign Table on the Training Autoresponder Campaigns screen. Next, you will create the Email messages for the campaign. To create an Email message, follow these steps:

a.  Click the Edit Message link in the Campaign Table for the campaign you want to create an Email message for.

b.  On the Manage Training Autoresponder Campaign - Manage Email Messages screen, click the Add New Message link.

c.  On the Manage Autoresponder Message - Email Messages Content screen, enter the following:

    Subject: Enter the subject for the Email message.

    Day: Enter the Day when the message should be sent (in relation to when the Member signed up for the system). Examples: If 0 (zero) is entered for the Send Day, the message will go out on the day the Member signed up. If 5 is entered for the Send Day, the message will go out 5 days after the Member signed up.

    Active: Yes = Active (sets the the Email message to be sent); No = Inactive (sets the Email message NOT be sent).

    Email Message Content: Enter and format the Email message content.

NOTE: Use the merge fields to personalize the email. For example, if you use the “Account First Name” merge field, the Member’s first name will merge into the email content where you inserted the “Account First Name” merge field.

d.  Click the Save button to save the Email message.

e.  Create the next Email message for the campaign. Continue creating Email messages until you complete the campaign.

5.  Once you complete creating the email messages for the campaign, you will need to activate the campaign. On the Training Autoresponder Campaigns screen, click the Edit Campaign link in the Campaign Table.

6.  On the Edit Training Autoresponder Campaign screen, check the Active checkbox, and click the Save button to activate the Autoresponder Campaign.