How Do I Create a Site Revisit Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder can be created to go out the first time a Contact revisits a Replicated Site. This is where you manage these Site Revisit Autoresponders.

An Autoresponder Triggered by Site Revisit is different than Autoresponder Email Campaigns in that only one single email can be created for the Autoresponder.

    Revisit Defined – The person will be considered a Revisitor if:

    He/she navigates to the replicated site by clicking a Revisit Link in an email.

    He/she enters the site using the Landing Page Returning Visitor link/functionality.

    Site Assignment: The Autoresponder can be assigned to a replicated site or multiple replicated sites. NOTE: Multiple Autoresponders can be assigned to a single site.

    Category Assignment: The Autoresponder can be assigned to a Sub-Category or multiple Sub-Categories.

    Email Send Triggered By: When a Contact in the Autoresponder Sub-Category revisits the Replicated Site assigned to the Autoresponder for the first time, the email is scheduled to be sent after the visit occurs (time interval determined by the setting). So when a Contact revisits a site, the system checks the following:

    What sub-category is the Contact in and is there a Revisit Autoresponder assigned to the sub-category? If yes, then system moves to the next question.

    Is there an Autoresponder email assigned to the site that was revisited, and if yes, was the Contact sent this Revisit Autoresponder for this site before? If this Revisit Autoresponder was never sent to the Contact, then the Autoresponder email will be created and scheduled to send. If this Revisit Autoresponder was sent to the Contact before, then it will not be sent again.

To create a Site Revisit Autoresponder:

1.  Clicking the Site Revisit Autoresponders option in the Email Campaigns drop-down menu.

2.  On the Site Revisit Autoresponders screen, click the Add New Site Revisit Autoresponders link, and you will be brought to the first screen in the create process.

3.  On the Revisit Autoresponder - Choose Category screen:

a.  Enter the campaign name in the Campaign Name textbox.

b.  Click the + button for a category to expand the category so the sub-categories become available to select. Select the category or categories for the campaign.

c.  Click the Save button to save the campaign name and categories.

4.  On the Step 2: Choose the Site for the Revisit Autoresponder screen:

a.  Check the Allow members to modify this Autoresponder checkbox if you want Members to be able to modify the Site Revisit Autoresponder Email content. Keep this checkbox unchecked if you don't want Member to be able to modify the message.

b.  Select the checkboxes for the websites you want to assign to the Site Revisit Autoresponder.

c.  Click the Save button to save the settings.

5.  On the Step 3: Compose Revisit Autoresponder Email screen:

a.  Select how many minutes after the site visit occurs that the email should be sent to the recipient in the Send Email drop-down. Drop-down options include:

    15 minutes

    30 minutes

    60 minutes

    120 minutes

b.  Enter the Email subject in the Subject textbox.

c.  Enter the Day the Email will go out. The number you enter in the Day field is the number of days after the prospect is added to the Category or Campaign.

d.  Select Yes or No from the drop-down.

    Active = No sets the Email to not send

    Active = Yes sets the Email to send

e.  Enter and format the Email content in the HTML Editor window.

f.  Click the Save button to save the Email message and return to the Site Revisit Autoresponders screen.