Create Admin to Member Text Message Broadcast

Step 1: Enter Content for the Text Message Broadcast

    KEEP IN MIND: Different text message providers have different rules regarding the number of characters that may be received in a text message. Some providers only allow a certain number of characters to come through and then drop the rest, never to be delivered. Some providers will send through the entire text (in multiple text messages). Because of this, you should keep your messages short (under 480 characters).

Step 2: Schedule Your Message

    Option 1: Send the Text Message Broadcast Now

    To send the Broadcast now, click the "Send Broadcast Now" button. Please note, it may take several hours before the broadcast is sent depending on the message traffic.

    Option 2: Schedule a Date and Time to Send your Broadcast

    To send the Broadcast at a later date, specify the date and time and click the "Schedule Broadcast" button. The Date and Time the email is scheduled to send is based on Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is the Time Zone for the system. Please note, the delays described above will also apply to scheduled broadcasts too.