Admin Video Manager

Click Video Manager in the Marketing drop-down on the Admin main menu.

The Video Manager has three tabs:

    My Videos

    Upload Video

    Import Video

My Videos tab:

    The My Videos section displays the videos you have added. The My Videos section has action links:

    Click the Edit link to update the Video Title.

    Click the Play link to preview the video.

    Click the Delete link to delete the video from your video manager.

    Click the Share checkbox to make the video available in your Members' back offices.


    If you have not added a description for the video yet, there will be an Add Description link that you can click to add a description.

    If you have already added a description, you can use the Edit link to change the description text or the Delete link to delete the description.

To upload a video:

1.  Click the Upload Video tab.

2.  Enter the video’s Title in the textbox.

3.  Click the Browse button to find the video file on your local computer.

4.  Click the Save button to upload the video. Supported video file formats include:









IMPORTANT NOTE: If the video is too large to be uploaded via the video manager, contact the Admin FocalPoint Support Team for assistance in getting the video added to the Video Manager.

To import a YouTube video:

1.  Click the Import Video tab.

2.  Enter the video’s Title in the textbox.

3.  Enter the YouTube Video URL.

4.  Click the Save button.