Admin Updatable System Notification Email Content

Admin Updatable System Email Notification functionality allows the Admin to add customized content to the Email Notifications sent to Members.

Click the Notification Email Content option in the User Settings drop-down on the main menu. On the System Notification Content screen, there is a Preview Pane and an HTML Editor.

    The Select an Email drop down menu has the following notification Emails to choose from:

    Prospects Filling out Web Form

    Returning Visitor to Site

    Admin Calendar Event Reminder

    Real Time Lead Submission

    Member Calendar Event Reminder

    Autoresponder Email Opened

    Preview Pane: Once the notification email is selected, the content for that Email will display in the Preview Pane. The Preview pane contains the default content for the Notification Email. This default content is not updatable. The default content will appear at the beginning of the email. As the Admin you can enter additional content in the HTML Editor. The custom content you enter will appear below the default content in the notification email.

    HTML Editor: Enter your custom content here. Once the content has been entered, verify the content is correct and then click the Save button. Moving forward, Notification Emails will be contain the default and custom content that has been saved by the Admin.