Admin Updatable Premier Upgrade Welcome Pop Up

A pop-up message can display when a Pro Member logs into the system to prompt the Member to upgrade to the Premier Package.

This is the screen where you edit the content for that pop up.

1.  Check the Turn On Package Announcements checkbox to activate the pop up.

    If checked, the Upgrade Welcome Pop-Up will appear for Pro members when they log in to the back office.

    If unchecked, the Upgrade Welcome Pop-Up will NOT appear for Pro members in the back office when they log in.

2.  Enter and format the page content in the HTML Editor window.

3.  Click the Save button to save your work. Click the Save and Publish button to save and publish the page.

NOTE: The first time you enter content in the HTML Editor, you must click the Save button before clicking the Save & Publish button. If you don’t click the Save button first, the content you enter will not display in the HTML Editor when you return to this page (even though the content displays correctly on the published page).