Admin to Member Text Message Broadcasts

You can send text messages to your Members who have set up Text Message Notifications and have opted to get text messages from the Admin.

Clicking the Text Message Broadcast option in the Email Campaigns drop-down menu brings you to the Text Message Broadcasts screen.

To send a text message broadcast, click the Create New Text Message Broadcast link, and you will be brought to the Create Text Message Broadcast screen.

The Text Message Broadcasts screen displays the text broadcasts you have created in a table.

    To view the content for a text broadcast, click the View link, and the message content will display in a pop-up window.

    To edit a message scheduled to send in the future, click the Edit link, and you will go to the Create Text Message Broadcast screen where you can update and save the message and delivery schedule. NOTE: This option is only available for messages that have not been sent yet.

    The Delivery Status shows you when the message was sent or is scheduled to send.

    To delete a broadcast from the table, click the Delete link.