Admin Manage Qualifying Questions

Clicking the Qualifying Questions option in the Contact Manager drop-down on the main menu brings you to the Qualifying Questions screen.

To create a new qualifying question, click the Add New Qualifying Question link, and you will be brought to the Manage Qualifying Question screen where you can enter the content for your new question.

The Qualifying Questions screen displays the questions you have created in a table.

    Questions - displays the Question Text.

    # of Characters - The number of characters entered will determine the number of characters the user can enter in the text box field for the qualifying question’s answer.

    Sort Order - displays the number entered that will determine the sequence for the questions..

    To edit a question, click the Edit link for the question in the table, and you will go to the Manage Qualifying screen where you can update and save the question content and parameters.

    To delete a Question from the table, click the Delete link for the question in the table.