Admin Live Chat Settings

Click Live Chat on the Admin User Settings drop-down menu to go to the Admin Live Chat Settings screen. The content you enter and the settings you set will be the default settings for your Members.

    On the left hand side of your screen are the When I Am Online message settings.

    ONLINE Welcome Text: Enter the default text message you would like the Visitor to see when the Messenger Screen opens up for the first time.

    ONLINE Please Wait For Operator text: Enter the default text message you would like the visitor to receive if the Member’s response is delayed by more than 1 minute.

    On the right hand side of the screen are the OFFLINE message settings.

    OFFLINE Message: Enter the Offline default message that you would like visitors to see when Members are not logged into the System or Live chat.

    Turn On Optional Chat Form for Visitors: Checking this checkbox will turn on the optional pop out form which a visitor has to submit the form before he proceeds to chat with the Member. Note: This option will only be in effect when the Admin settings are in place (i.e. when Member settings are overridden).

    At the bottom, below the Online / Offline Message settings are more settings which can be customized as needed.


    Set Delay For Chat Pop-Up: This option provides a drop down menu where the Admin can specify the time in minutes for interval of time for when the automatic chat invite pop-out should appear to the Visitor after he is accesses the Member’s website (as shown in the figure below).

    Turn off Automatic Chat Invite Pop-Up: This option allows the Admin to turn off the Automatic Chat Invite Pop-Up in the Member’s webpage. If the option remains unchecked the Automatic Chat Invite Pop-Up will be enabled for Members.

    Turn On member Message Capability: Checking this option allows the Member to enter their own Online / Offline Messages. If the option remains unchecked, then the default Admin Online/Offline Message settings will be in effect.

    Override Member Settings: Checking this checkbox will lock the Admin default Live Chat Settings so the Member cannot update them. The Member Live Chat Settings page will be grayed out and a Message in the members Live Chat Settings page will display Admin Settings in Effect. If the checkbox remains unchecked then the Member settings will be in effect.

Once you have completed your setting adjustments, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to save your updates.