Admin Edit Qualifying Question

The Qualifying Questions you enter in the system will be used by the Member in qualifying the contact. If any Qualifying Questions will be used for the replicated site web form or used be a Lead Vendor Company, please notify COA.

To edit Qualifying Questions:

1.  Click Qualifying Questions in the Contact Manager drop-down on the main menu.

2.  On the Qualifying Questions screen, click the Qualifying Question link for the question you want to edit in the table.

3.  On the Manage Qualifying Question screen, you can edit the following:

    Question – Enter the qualifying question.

    # of Characters – Enter the number of characters for the answer field. The number of characters entered will determine the number of characters the user can enter in the text box field for the qualifying question’s answer.

    Sort Order – Enter the sort number. The sort number will determine where the question is placed in relation to the other questions.

4.  Click the Save button to save the qualifying question.