Admin Custom Web Forms

Admin Custom Web Form functionality allows the Admin to create a custom web form (that can be placed on an external site) that rotates leads submitted from the form to multiple members (assigned to the web form rotation). Rotation Shares are based on web form submissions. You can create:

    A rotation that includes all active members in the Company


    A rotation that includes selected members only

IMPORTANT: Inform all Rotational participants not to submit any "test" submissions to the Rotational Web Form, as these submissions will be counted as real submissions and will affect the shares of contacts distributed to the participants in the Rotation.

Notes on how rotations work:

    When all Members are selected for the rotation, the sort order is based on when the Member was added to the system.

    When Manually entering Rotation Members:

    The rotation will take place in the order in which you add members to the rotation. Each member gets one contact and then it rotates to the next member in the list. When each member gets one contact, it cycles through the list for any additional shares (one contact per member) until the total shares have been met.

    If a new member is added to the rotation mid cycle, it will be given the next contact and when the cycle has completed and then will fall into the list in the last place.

    If a contact already in the system submits a web form, the existing contact record is updated (and it is not counted as part of the rotation).

Click the Custom Web Forms option on the Website drop-down on the main menu, and you will be brought to the Admin Custom Web Forms screen,

To create a new web form:

    Click the Create New Web Form link to go to the Manage Rotation screen.

Web Forms Table:

    Web Form Name - displays the name you entered for the web form when you created it.

    Get HTML (hyperlinks) - Click the Get HTML link for the form you want to place on an external site and you will go to the Get HTML Code for Custom Web Form screen.

    View Rotation Report - Click the View Rotation Report link to generate a report on the contact distribution from the web form.

    Update Rotation - Click the Update Rotation link to update the rotation assignments for the form.

    Delete (hyperlinks) - Click the Delete link for the form you want to delete.