Add a Custom Field

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Click My Contacts on the main menu. On the Search Contacts page, click Advanced Contact Tools. On the Advanced Contact Tools page, click the Custom Fields link.

Creating Custom Fields allows you flexibility to add fields that are specific for your needs. The custom fields can be used for more advanced Contact searches and to save important information for the Contact.

To add a custom field:

1.  Select the type of field you want to enter.

2.  Enter the field label for the custom field in the Field Label textbox.

3.  Enter what is required for the field type you are creating:

    If you are creating a Textbox, enter the maximum number of characters you want to restrict the answer to in the # of Characters textbox.

    If you are creating a Drop-down, enter the drop-down options in the option textboxes.

4.  Click the Save button to save the custom field.